Sponsored by Adobe, FilmingLife, Music Bed and Zoom Audio, the Australian Videography Prize is an opportunity to break some photographic barriers and try something new!

The Australian Videography Prize recognises exceptional film making skills.

All video entries will be scored by five judges and the top 10 entries will be judged live in Melbourne, Australia, by a live panel of esteemed professional videographers.

Who can enter?

The Australian Videography Prize Awards are open to national and international amateur, student and professional videographers. National and international entrants are eligible to win categories and overall prizes.

What can be entered

Videography entries submitted must be from original footage captured entirely by the entrant. 

An entry must not have been entered into previous Australian Videography Prize competitions. 

Participants may enter an unlimited number of videos into any of the videography categories. However, you cannot enter the same video into multiple categories.

Rules & Specifications

Need Inspiration for your entries?

Check out last year's Winners Gallery.

Prizes & Categories

All first-place category winners will receive a trophy and a sponsor prize. In addition, the first-place winner from each category will be in the running for the 2023 Australian Videographer of the Year Prize, the accompanying trophy, and major prize. Any non-cash prizes are not transferable and may not be exchanged for cash. Where applicable, overseas entrants will need to cover the cost of postage in order to receive their prize.

Wedding Videography Prize

Entries in the Wedding Videography category must have been created in connection with an actual wedding event. Footage should reflect the personality of the subject/s or convey the event’s story. Still images are allowed as long as the still images make up less than 5% of the total length of the video. Commercial, Creative, and Fashion videos are not permitted in the Wedding category and should be entered into the Creative Videography category. Videos should represent the work a wedding filmmaker / videographer presents to their clients.

Prize: 12 Month Full Creative Cloud Membership

Family Videography Prize

Submissions in the Family Videography category must focus on one or more humans, and/or their pets. The video should emphasise the subject(s) unique character, connection, love, or story. The subjects may be individuals or family members, such as parents, children, grandparents, or friends. Still images are allowed as long as the still images make up less than 5% of the total length of the video.

Prize: $1000 in FilmingLife® Services (Mentoring and / or Membership)

Creative Videography Prize

Let your imagination go wild with entries in the Creative Videography category. This could be through the unusual or creative combination of subjects, textures, colours, viewpoints, and video capture effects or through creative post-production special effects. Still images are allowed as long as the still images make up less than 5% of the total length of the video.

Prize: 1 Year Freelance Filmmaker Music Subscription

Videographer of the Year

The overall 2023 Australian Videographer of the Year Prize winner will be selected from first-place winners of the Wedding, Family, and Creative videography categories. The winner will be selected by a panel of five highly skilled judges based on the assessment criteria and voting.

Prize: $1000 in Zoom Audio Products

Meet the judges

With years of experience in the professional videography industry, the Australian Videography Prize has a powerhouse team of experienced and highly awarded judges and videographers. 

Courtney Holmes

APP Video Director

Irwin Guevarra


Kylie Purtell


Lacey Barratt

Judge - Award Winning Photographer

Tim Blacketer


Victoria Dunham


Paul Hoelen

Judge - Grand Master Photographer NZIPP

Bruce Moyle

JUDGE - Award Winning Photographer

Peter John