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The Australian Photographic Student Prize is open to Primary and Secondary students across Australia

With separate divisions for Primary and Secondary students, the School Student Prize is a themed competition with fabulous prizes to reward concepts, creativity, and photographic skill.

Images will be judged in alignment with the Australian Curriculum for Media Arts, creating representations of the world and telling stories through photographic communications. Entrants are invited to attend live feedback and given exclusive access to a Livestream education event. 

School Curriculum

As part of the Student Photographic Prize, Schools that sign up their entire class gain access to a full 4-week curriculum developed by Master Photographers - Karen Alsop (Bachelor of Teaching) and Robyn Campbell (Bachelor of Psychology) and presented by Brittany Long (Bachelor of Biomedical Science) who has overcome many challenges and is now one of the youngest and most respected music photographers in the industry. The 4-week curriculum provides classes with a video for each week, presented by Brittany Long, that covers the principles of Photography.

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