Astro Photography Live Judging and Presentation by ‘Strong Man’ Mike Sidonio


Date: Friday 21st July
Time: 2:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Location: Photography Studies College, South Melbourne



Date: Friday 21st July
Time: 2:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Location: Photography Studies College, South Melbourne

The Australian Photographic Prize is proud to present the live judging of the Astro Photography category on Friday, 21st July, 2023. The event is open to all photography enthusiasts who want to witness the magic of astrophotography in action.

The live judging of the top 25 Landscape and top 25 Deep Space Astrophotography entries in the Australian Photographic Prize will take place between 2:30pm -5:30 PM. This is your chance to hear expert opinions from Senior Curator of Astronomy at Museums Victoria, Dr Tanya Hill, Diego Collonnello, Andy Campbell, Ari Rex and Mike Sidonio. 

A special presentation by legendary Astrophotographer Mike Sidonio will follow this. Mike is a well-known figure in Australian astronomy and astrophotography, nicknamed “Strongmanmike” due to his past as a professional strongman athlete. He has been an amateur astronomer for 40 years and has worked as a public outreach officer at the Canberra Observatory. 

Mike is also a world-class astrophotographer whose work has been featured in many national and international publications, and has finished on the podium in the Sky Telescope Magazine Beautiful Universe imaging contest, The Royal Observatory Greenwich Astronomy Photographer of the Year Awards, the AAGC Astrophotography awards and the prestigious, Eureka Prize for Science Photography, the most coveted prize in Australian scientific imaging.

He has made significant contributions to astronomy research, including discovering a galaxy. His new observatory, located in the Tinderry Mountains, is the highest astronomical observatory in Australia and will enable him to capture even more stunning images of the universe with better clarity.

As a special bonus, attendees can also witness the awarding of The Australian Photographic Prize Astro Photographer of the Year 2023. Be sure to get your best and favourite entries in, and along with the recognition and kudos on offer, you also have the chance to win one of two fabulous William Optics Redcat 51 Telescope, a superb addition to any astrophotographers equipment arsenal and valued at $1500 each, thanks to Sidereal Trading the Williams Optics.

Tickets for the event are limited and include judging and tradeshow event entry, a special lanyard, gift bag, drinks and canapés throughout the presentation, all for only $75 per person.

This is a unique opportunity for photography enthusiasts to learn from a legendary astrophotographer and witness the best of Australian astrophotography. Don’t miss out on this incredible event, and secure your ticket today!


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