xEpson Print Awards Categories

Are you wanting to find out more about the categories on offer in the Australian Photographic Prize Epson Print Awards?

All Category Winners and Grand Finalists receive an APP Trophy plus a major prize.

Winners and finalists will also receive a digital badge for use in publicity and marketing. Winners will be showcased on the Vmax screen during the Gala Presentation event.


Epson SureColor P5070 including CoverPlus Warranty for 3 years and delivery


PRIZE: $1000 lighting kit from Godox

Sponsored by Godox
Let your imagination go wild through the unusual combination of objects, shapes, texture, colour, distortion, or viewpoints, using in-camera or post-production techniques for novel or creative effect. The base image and all additional elements must be photographic in origin and captured by the entrant. An artist statement to contextualise the concept of the image is permitted (limited to 25 words) and will be read during live judging.


PRIZE: 2 Year Subscription

Sponsored by Studio Ninja
Commercial entries are commissioned or non-commissioned images to be used by a commercial client for promotion or branding of a product or company. Advertising, fashion, beauty, still life, food, architectural and corporate photography are all included in this category. Composite and non-composite images as well as highly manipulated images are allowed, however all components must have been created by the photographer. Text graphics are not permitted, however a description disclosing the nature or purpose of the commercial use of the image is permitted (limited to 25 words).


PRIZE: $1000 in product or printing

Sponsored by Canson Infinity
For the purposes of this competition, a landscape is a photograph of natural scenery but may include people or man-made elements, provided none of these additional elements dominates the photograph. Composite images, including stitched panoramas, are allowed if the digital post-production does not distort the original content.

Nature and Wildlife

PRIZE: Wacom Cintiq 16

Sponsored by Wacom
Images should show the beauty of nature or wildlife captured in their natural habitat. Only single-capture images (with the exception of HDR images), created through focus stacking, time exposures and stitched images, are permitted. Images must not contain human or man-made elements. Wildlife entries must not portray any form of organised or intentional cruelty.

● Post-production techniques, such as dodging and burning, may be used to enhance the
image as long as the authenticity of the original scene is retained.
● Colour images must appear natural; images may also be entered as black and white
● Techniques that remove in-camera elements, such as dust spots, digital noise, and film
scratches are allowed.
● With the exception of cropping, the addition, removal, relocation, or replacement of
pictorial elements is not permitted.
A description to provide judges with additional technical or biologically significant information is
permitted (limited to 25 words).

Pet and Animal

PRIZE: 2 Year Subscription

Sponsored by Studio Ninja
Entries must reflect the appearance, essence or personality of the pet or animal depicted in the image. Partial capture of form or shape, rather than a whole animal, may be better off in creative categories. Humans may be seen but should not be the main element of the image. Composite and non-composite images, and highly manipulated images are allowed in this category.


PRIZE: Nikon Mirrorless Camera

Sponsored by Nikon
Entries must include at least one person and may range from candid photographs to formal portraits of families, groups, and individuals. Composite images are allowed so long as the post-production does not play a significant part in conveying the subject’s personality or story.


PRIZE: $1000 in product

Sponsored by Momento Pro
Entries must be single-capture images that portray or give context to an actual event or situation, and may among other subject matter include sport, daily life, the human condition, or a newsworthy incident. Photographs should have impact or provoke a lasting emotional response. Staged, contrived, or manipulated situations which alter the truth are not acceptable. Basic post-production techniques, such as colour and brightness adjustments, cropping, and dodging and burning are allowed. A description to provide judges with additional significant information is permitted (limited to 25 words) and will be read during live judging.


PRIZE: $1000 in product or printing

Sponsored by Canson Infinity
Images should authentically portray an area’s people, culture, customs or history; a sense of place is important. Travel is not limited to other lands or countries and may include photographs of domestic origin. Composite images are allowed provided post-production techniques do not detract from the legitimacy of the subject(s) and/or destination.


PRIZE: $1000 in product

Sponsored by Imagen
Entries in the Wedding category must have been created in connection with an actual wedding event. Images should show personality in the subject/s or illustrate the story of the event. Composite images are allowed so long as the post-production does not overwhelm or distort the
original content or scene. Commercial, Creative and Fashion images are not permitted in the Wedding category and should be entered into Commercial or Creative categories. Images should represent the work a wedding photographer presents to their clients.