Nick Moir

Nick Moir specialises in Photojournalism, Landscape/Nature Photography, Portrait Photography

Nick IS A CONFERENCE presenter and a judge for the Australian Photographic Prize 2022

Presentation Title: Storm Chasing

Presentation Description: Nick Moir, chief photographer at The Sydney Morning Herald, has specialised in environmental and meteorological events such as storms and bushfires for 20 years, covering major events such as the 2001 Black Christmas, the 2003 Canberra fires, the 2004 Asian Tsunami and the 2009 Black Saturday, as well as each storm season and several USA tornado seasons. Day to day he covers news in Sydney for the SMH, where he has worked since 1993.

Scheduled: Saturday the 10th at 1pm

Walkley Award winning staff photographer at The Sydney Morning Herald since 1993. Specialising in severe weather , bushfires and climate issues including 2004 Asian Tsunami, the Millennium Drought and accompanying fire events , Black Saturday, 2019-20 Black Summer. Nick also covers each storm season in Sth East Australia and many US storm seasons.

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Nick Moir

“When you are measuring your own work, there are only two photographers you should compare yourself to – you of a year ago, and you of a year from now. Be better than last-year-you. And know that you can be better still next year.”

— Nick Moir

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