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Kris Anderson specialises in Commercial Photography, Creative/Illustrative Photography, Portrait Photography, Fine Art Photography

KRIS IS A CONFERENCE presenter and a judge for the Australian Photographic Prize 2022

Presentation Title: Nailing the Narrative – the art and science of engaging a viewer

Presentation Description: We are all wired to connect with and remember stories. We’re surrounded by amazing storytelling – books, movies, TV, songs, dance… and of course photographs. As photographers, to give our audience the best chance of reading and understanding our stories, we need to snag them and keep them engaged. In this session, commercial and fine art photographer Kris Anderson will take you through the techniques he uses to craft engaging narrative-driven images that keep a viewer hooked. He’ll reveal some of the intentional (or unintentional!) choices you can make that either pull a viewer in or push them away, and give you tools to critically analyse your own work. He will probably rock a couple of dad jokes too; sadly these will not be considered grounds for a refund.

Scheduled: Saturday the 10th at 9am

Kris Anderson is a commercial and fine art photographer, speaker and photographic judge, based in Brisbane Australia. Kris’ commercial work is focused on the performing arts: branding for performing arts companies, actor and performer headshots, dance photography, and live theatre production photography. For his personal illustrative photographic work, Kris often explores themes concerned with modern life, mental health, and the impact of technology on people and relationships. He produces work using the full spectrum from straight-out-of-camera pieces through to composites. A Master of Photography with the AIPP, NZIPP and WPPI, Kris was recognised in 2017 as the AIPP Australian Illustrative Professional Photographer of the Year, and then later the 2019 AIPP Epson Queensland Professional Photographer of the Year. Kris is also a proud EIZO Ambassador.

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Kris Anderson

“When you are measuring your own work, there are only two photographers you should compare yourself to – you of a year ago, and you of a year from now. Be better than last-year-you. And know that you can be better still next year.”

— Kris Anderson

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Website: http://imagesbyanderson.com/

Instagram: @imagesbyanderson

Facebook: http://facebook.com/images.by.anderson

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