Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown specialises in Creative/Illustrative Photography, Family/Newborn Photography, Portrait Photography, Pets/Animals Photography, Fine Art Photography

KELLY is a Conference presenter and a judge for the Australian Photographic Prize 2022

Presentation Title: Your Creative Journey Starts Here

Presentation Description: Discover the tools that are instrumental in transforming your ideas, to bring your vision to life.

Scheduled: Friday 9th, 9am & Saturday 10th, 2pm

When it comes to baby photography, few have been awarded and recognised as extensively as Brisbane-based Kelly Brown. Launching her business, Little Pieces Photography, back in 2004 she is now considered one of the leading authorities in the genre. Initially specialising in newborn and family portraiture, she now spends the majority of her time training and educating both budding newborn photographers along with professionals keen to broaden their offerings and take their skills to the next level. In 2021 Kelly launched, her own dedicated online education platform. She also shares a wealth of business tools and resources for photographers at

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Kelly Brown

“Don’t let fear stop you from trying. You might surprise yourself and succeed.”

— Kelly Brown

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