How we verify your entry

It is important that awarded entries are verified for authenticity. While this may be straightforward for photographers that submit single captures (1 raw submission for verification), the process can become complicated for composite photographers, especially if a cataloging process didn’t take place during the creation of the work.

We hope to demystify the process of verification. Please read through the Q&A’s below and reach out if you have further questions.

Q. I don’t have RAWS of all the files as I shot in JPEG with some of my elements. Can I provide the JPEG files?

A. Yes please provide the JPEG original files (not resaved)

Q. I can’t find the original RAW/JPEG of an element I used, but I have another way to prove it’s my original capture. Is this ok?

A. Yes. Speed Edits, BTS videos, Original photos showing you own or have immediate access to the element, photoshop layered files or similar are all ways that you may prove the authenticity of your work.

Q. There is an element I photographed in the past. I can’t find the original photo. What should I do?

A. If it’s something you can reshoot, we would suggest photographing a similar element and reworking your file before submitting it to ensure you don’t inadvertently have your artwork disqualified.

Q. I don’t have Dropbox, can I submit using a different means?

A. You can share your original files with us with whatever means works best for you. Suggestions include Lightroom CC albums, Google Drive, Dropbox, Smugmug and others. Please be sure that the original meta data can be viewed with the method you choose.

Q. Does everyone need to submit the RAWS of their work before the judging?

A. No, we will reach out if we require proof of authenticity. This may be because we are unsure of an element used, or because you are progressing through to finalist level. Often finalists will need to be verified before being awarded. Please have the files ready to submit at a moments notice, should you be contacted.

An example of a BTS/Speed Edit that proves authenticity is shown below. In this video we see Karen capturing the original images and also editing them in Photoshop.