Bruce Moyle

Bruce Moyle specialises in Filmmaking and Photography

Bruce is an Expo presenter and a judge for the Australian Photographic Prize 2022

Presentation Title: Using Strobes with In Camera Motion

Presentation Description: Look at your flash (speed-light or mono block) in a different way. Let me show you can dance with your camera, strobe(s) and subject to make something a little different.

Scheduled: Thursday Sep 8th, 3:30pm

Bruce Moyle is a fine art photographer based in Launceston, Tasmania. His work explores human emotions via abstract images that combine portraiture, long and multiple exposures in a combination of traditional and digital processes. Bruce is never one to truly assign an outcome to what the viewer should feel when taking in his work but loves to see the grey, the different, the texture of everyone’s experience. His work has been exhibited internationally and locally in Australia, and a variety of companies has commissioned him.When not working on art, he works as a commercial photographer and cinematographer. He love coffee and learning crazy weird colour science theory (the rabbit hole is deep and very colourful).Bruce lives in Launceston with his partner Tiarne and daughter Ebony

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Bruce Moyle

“Perfection is only one point on the journey. The best bit is the adventure beforehand. Don’t let the ideal block you from doing the journey in the first place.”

— Bruce Moyle

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