21 to 23 July 2023 - Photography Studies College, Melbourne

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Join us in Melbourne, 21 to 23 July 2023, for “CAPTURE CONNECT” – the Australian Photographic Prize Industry Weekend! Its 3 JAM PACKED Days of live judging, social events, speakers, workshops, photo walks, networking and connecting with some of the brightest and creative minds in Australian Photographic Community.


CAPTURE CONNECT, the Australian Photographic Prize Weekend, is made of 4 key ticketed events with the “Live Judging & PPBN Industry Weekend” being the main event. Please ensure you have purchased the individual tickets for the events you would like to attend.

Live Judging & PPBN Industry Weekend

21 - 23 July 2023

Astro Judging, Mike Sidonio Presentation & Awards

Friday, 21 July 2023, 3-8.30pm

APP After Party

Saturday, 22 July 2023, 7pm

APP Awards Presentation

Sunday, 23 July 2023, 2-5pm


Mark Rossetto

Professional Photographers Business Network

Mark’s going to take you through some fundamentals of how to create a successful business, the Mindset you need, the commitment it takes, the perseverance to keep it going and how connecting with suppliers be profitable and sustainable for years to come.

Forough Yavari

Sponsored By: Kayell Australia

In this 30-minute talk we will explore how to think smart and act fast when setting up a photo shoot, and show you how to capture creative and stunning images by understanding and utilising the power of your lights. Forough will share with you how she captures creative and professional-quality images that truly stand out, even in time-sensitive situations.

Katrina Ferguson

Sponsored By: Seldex Artistic Albums

Learn how to utilise the power of Pic-Time to generate new – or increase existing – product sales. Get ideas and strategies to simplify online sales, get products into your clients’ hands and make more money in the process. See the products that sell well online and learn why they do.

Belinda Richards

Sponsored By: Brilliant Prints

Belinda is going to show you how she selected her products to suit her brand and shooting style to maximise profits and create happy clients!

Diego Colonnello

Sponsored By: Sidereal

A journey into astrophotography from buying a simple telescope to winning awards for his astrophotography achievements and from modifying his off-the-shelf equipment to starting a company to manufacture high-end telescope for the Australian market.

Kris Anderson

Sponsored By: EZIO

It’s easy to find yourself in the This Is What I Do zone, knowing you do great work and delivering it reliably for clients, but feeling a little stuck and stale. Kris will share some of the ways personal projects can help you find your own voice as an artist, and upgrade the work you do for clients at the same time.

Johl Dunn

Sponsored By: Global Image Products

If you hate sales, then this is for you. Johl is going to walk through his top 5 tips on creating a client experience with your portraits, so you don’t have to sell. In this he is going to go through how to structure your price list and purchasing appointment to not only maximise your profit but also the client experience.

Rocco Ancora

Sponsored By: Nikon

“…the wow was a lot louder and with a huge smile on my face.” Rocco Ancora Wow that’s big & wow that’s incredible…. Sound interesting? You betcha it is! Check out what Rocco is blown away by…. And yes, its big and yes, its impressive. Join Master Photographer & Nikon Ambassador, Rocco Ancora who will show you why he is a master photographer and loves shooting with Nikon prime lenses. Prepare to be WOW’d

Tim Blacketer

Sponsored By: Make it Epic Wedding Podcast

Have you ever wondered why some wedding films have the same look and feel while others seem to captivate and leave a lasting impression? Tim invites you to discover his secret sauce for crafting a compelling story, creating a film that leaves a lasting impact and delivering an exceptional client experience.
Mike Sidonio Astrophotography competition

Mike "Strongman" Sidonio

Special Presentation

Mike is a well-known figure in Australian astronomy and astrophotography, nicknamed “Strongmanmike” due to his past as a professional strongman athlete. He has been an amateur astronomer for 40 years and has worked as a public outreach officer at the Canberra Observatory. Mike is also a world-class astrophotographer whose work has been featured in many national and international publications.


The following Photo Walk and Workshops are included as part of your Live Judging & PPBN Industry Weekend Ticket. “GET UNSTUCK & IGNITE YOUR BUSINESS” is a more in depth workshop held on the Sunday and sold separately.

1-hour Photography Walk around South Melbourne

Join author and photographer Craig Wetjen, a champion of mental wellbeing, and a group of like-minded individuals for a refreshing 1-hour photography walk for wellbeing. This is an opportunity to prioritize self-care, practice mindfulness, and seek out the extraordinary. Uncover new photographic possibilities in captivating locations and embrace the surprises they hold. Studies reveal that just 30 minutes of daily walking enhances overall mental and physical health, and walking with companions transforms exercise into a delightful social experience. Through photography, you can nurture yourself, connect with the community, and engage with the world, fostering a positive impact on your wellbeing. Come and explore this transformative journey with Craig. The photography walk starts at 9 am, right outside the Photography Studies College, outside the venue for the Australia Photographic prize. Take a moment amidst the awards’ buzz and immerse yourself in the invigorating experience of photography walks for wellbeing. Capture spontaneous moments and become part of something truly remarkable. Topic for the photoshoot will be announced at 9:00am. So be prepared for anything!

Time: 9am. Meets directly outside the Australia Photographic Prize venue at Photography Studies College. Duration: 1 hour

Macro Stacking

Wemacro rail demonstration to show how to create Macro images by Photographing a beetle and controlling the camera with his mobile phone. Then processing the images using helicon focus. This is a great hands-on workshop with all the techie stuff included.

Time: 10 – 11am
Duration: 1 hour

Producing Photo Books is Easier Than You Think

This workshop will empower photographers of all levels with the skills to create their own photo books. Discover how book projects can unlock new revenue streams, attract clients, fundraise and build brand awareness. We'll take a deep dive into planning and funding your photo book, mastering effective design principles, understanding the nuances of printing, marketing your book effectively, pricing strategies and distribution techniques.

Time: 11am – 12pm
Duration: 1 hour

What is a fine art portrait and How does it differ from a Family shoot with Jacinta Dal Ben

Have you ever wondered what a fine art portrait is and how it differs from a family photography session? Who is your client etc? Each client is completely different and it is important to understand the importance of capturing both candid moments and artistic expression. Fine art portraits are a unique form of photography that aims to showcase the subject’s personality, style, and emotion in a creative and artistic way. On the other hand, family sessions focus on capturing the relationships and moments between family members, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime

Time: 12 - 1pm
Duration: 1 hour

$0 – $5k in one hour! The only albums and wall art system you’ll ever need.

Do you want to keep feeling like Albums are overwhelming, selling is uncomfortable and it’s all too hard? If it was easy to make an extra $1k – $5k per client, would you do it? Being a creative genius behind the camera isn’t enough anymore, your ability to shoot, negotiate and sell your work, while keeping your profits might the biggest factor in determining whether you are, or feel successful. Here’s what you’ll learn to make more money, reduce computer time and create the lifestyle you want.

1: “Shoot to sell System”. 2: Designing for the best result in the shortest time. 3: What to say, how to say it, who to say it to and steering the sale. 4: The foolproof sales system. 5: The entire Album and wall art System, from start to finish.

Time: 1 - 2pm
Duration: 1 hour

Hands-on Print Workshop

This workshop will expose you to a world of new possibilities and digital imaging practices and is run by experienced Kayell Australia staff who specialise on Fine Art Printing and workflows. We will be printing images with the latest Epson Pro Printers and inks, state-of-the-art printer profiles, and on the finest papers.

Time: 2 - 3pm
Duration: 1 hour

The Photo Collective

Join Harriet and learn more about Photo Collective, an organisation dedicated to discovering, promoting and encouraging original, thought-provoking and diverse imagery produced by Australian photographers. Among the topics Harriet will discuss are how Photo Collective’s award programs and initiatives work and how to bring meaning to your photographic practice.

Time: 3 - 4pm
Duration: 1 hour

Get Unstuck & Ignite Your Business

It's time to get back into the classroom and Mark is going to be teaching a half-day workshop before each of the industry nights and on the Sunday morning of the Melbourne Industry weekend! It’s 4 hours of pure photography business, all designed to get your head in the game and grow your business. This workshop is not about products, marketing or client experience – all the things I normally talk about it. It’s an advanced workshop for those photographers who want to accelerate their business growth. I’m going to help deconstruct your own business to find out where are your strengths, weakness, what are your roadblocks and discover what your next level looks like and how you are going to get there.

Time: Sunday 23 July 2023, 9am to 1pm. Cost: $250

Find Out More Here.


Schedule subject to change. Check back for regular updates.

21 July 2023

9am to 5pm

Live Judging & PPBN Trade Show

10 to 10:30am

Mark Rossetto: So… You want to be a professional photographer? (Professional Photography Business Network)

10:30 to 11am

Forough Yavari: Studio Lighting with Godox (Kayell Australia)

11 to 11.30am

Katrina Ferguson: Increasing Online Product Sales with Seldex + Pic-Time (Seldex Artistic Albums)

11.30 to 12pm

Belinda Richards: Maximise your sales by creating bespoke wall art and albums (Brilliant Prints)

1 to 1.30pm

Diego Colonnello: The world of astrophotography (Sidereal Trading)

1.30 to 2pm

Kris Anderson: Supercharge “Future-You” with personal projects (EZIO)

2 to 2.30pm

Johl Dunn: The Psychology of The Sales Room – 5 Tips to maximise your profit & client experience (Global Image Products)

2.30 to 3pm

Rocco Ancora: Unleashing Creativity (Nikon)

3 to 3:30pm

Tim Blacketer: The art of wedding filmmaking: How to craft the perfect story (Make it Epic Wedding Podcast)

3 to 8:30pm

Astro Live Judging, Awards & Mike Sidonio Presentation // Buy Tickets

22 July 2023

9am to 5pm

Live Judging & PPBN Trade Show

9 to 10am

PHOTO WALK: 1-hour Photography Walk around South Melbourne with Craig Wetjen

10 to 11am

WORKSHOP: Macro Stacking (Sidereal Trading)

11 to 12pm

WORKSHOP: Book Projects (Momento Pro)

12 to 1pm

WORKSHOP: What is a fine art portrait and How does it differ from a Family shoot with Jacinta Dal Ben (The Photographique Co)

1 to 2pm

WORKSHOP: $0 – $5k in one hour! The only albums and wall art system you’ll ever need. (GraphiStudio)

2 to 3pm

WORKSHOP: Hands-on Print Workshop (Kayell)

3 to 4pm

WORKSHOP: The Photo Collective 


APP After Party // Buy Tickets

23 July 2023

9 to 1pm

WORKSHOP: "Get Unstuck & Ignite Your Business" by Mark Rossetto // Buy Tickets

2 to 5pm

APP Awards Presentation // Buy Tickets


Schedule subject to change. Check back for regular updates.


Live Judging &
PPBN Industry Weekend

21 to 23 July 2023
$ 5-10
  • Live Judging
  • Trade Show
  • Speakers, Workshops, Photo Walk
  • Photography Studies College

Astro Live Judging & Mike Sidonio Presentation

21 July 2023
$ 75
  • Live Astro Judging
  • Mike Sidonio Presentation
  • Astro Awards Presentation
  • Photography Studies College

APP After Party

22 July 2023
$ 55
  • Starts at 7pm
  • Live Music
  • Wayside Inn, South Melbourne

APP Awards Presentation

23 July 2023
$ 75
  • 2pm to 5pm
  • Drinks & Canapés
  • Photography Studies College