About Us

The Australian Photographic & Videography Prize is an international Photography Competition which includes Print, Digital, Video and Astro awards. 

The Australian Photographic & Videography Prize is open to professional, amateur and student photographers and includes live in-person judging for ALL print entries and top 25 entries from each digital category. 

Held annually, the Awards runs alongside a two-day Trade Show hosted by PPBN with hands-on experiences and presentations from industry leaders.

Everyone is welcome to attend the live judging, meet fellow photographers and be part of the Australian photographic community.

Long-term relationships in the photography industry across professionals, amateurs, camera clubs, tertiary education and trade has resulted in an event that reaches a diverse audience of photographers. 

Meet The Team

With over 100 years of combined experience in the professional photography industry, the Australian Photographic & Videography Prize has a powerhouse team of experienced and highly awarded photographers. 

Robyn Campbell


Karen Alsop

Technical Operations

Courtney Holmes

Video Director

Andrew Campbell

Astro Prize Coordinator

Mark Rossetto

Industry Coordinator

Kylie Garner

Media & Marketing

Katrina Ferguson

Print Crew Coordinator

Kris Anderson

Judge Coordinator

Tony Hewitt

Chair Coordinator

Kaye Davis

Honours & Ethics

(Amanda Neilson)

Operations Coordinator
"It's hard to find words to describe the powerhouses behind this event. Karen Alsop, Robyn Campbell, Katrina Ferguson, and Melissa Wood have worked tirelessly to put together this incredible awards and conference program for Australian photographers (young and old(er)). I have so much respect for them as individuals and as a team, their heart and passion for the photographic community is enormous."
Kaye Davis